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Dynamic Medical is a recognized leader in wound care management, serving Skilled Nursing Facilities nation-wide.

Contact us for more information on our comprehensive Wound Management & Prevention solutions that include products, consulting and educational programs.


     Dynamic Medical provides comprehensive wound management consulting services designed to support your staff and enhance your wound care management and prevention initiatives.

     We offer multiple education course formats to ensure maximum benefits and flexibility for your staff. Formats include: one-on-one training, group 1 hour in-service classes and 4-8 hour wound seminars for individual buildings or multiple buildings in regional clusters. Most topics are 1 hour sessions and can be combined to provide a one day comprehensive wound management and prevention seminar with continuing education credits available.e.

Dynamic Medical offers support and consultation in the following areas:

Clinical Wound Evaluations

     Dynamic Medical will conduct scheduled wound rounds with appointed facility staff to observe pressure ulcer sites and to suggest appropriate topical care and other interventions to aid in wound healing. Non-pressure ulcer skin problems may be observed as indicated, however, these skin conditions will be referred to the attending physician or recommended specialist (i.e. Dermatologist, Surgeon or Podiatrist).

     Dynamic Medical will attend and participate in Wound Care IDT Meetings as indicated or requested by the facility.

Regulatory Compliance / Survey Preparation

     Dynamic Medical will conduct treatment book audits to review facility documentation and treatment orders of pressure ulcer sites and other skin problems.

     Dynamic Medical will conduct chart audits of pressure ulcer residents to review the plan of care and to suggest any further interventions or documentation needs that may be indicated for wound management and prevention.

Skills Competency Reviews

     Dynamic Medical will conduct skill competency reviews of licensed staff for pressure ulcer management and infection control technique. (i.e. pressure ulcer staging, measuring, description of wound’s characteristics and treatment choice)

Dynamic Medical will conduct In-service training to CNA and LN staff on the following topics:
  • Pressure Ulcer Risk and Identification
  • Wound Assessment and Documentation of Pressure Ulcers
  • Wound Assessment and Documentation of Vascular Ulcers and Lower Extremity Wounds
  • Wound Healing and Topical Care
  • Tag F-314: Overview of the Guidance to Surveyors
  • Essentials of MDS 3.0 Section M: Skin Conditions
  • Wound Management and Nutritional Interventions

Dynamic Medical will conduct regional wound seminars (4-8 hours) with CE certificates.

Clinical Needs Assessments

     Dynamic Medical will conduct a routine “Clinical Needs Assessment” to determine the support surface needs of the facility for wound management and prevention.

     Dynamic Medical will conduct an entrance/exit evaluation with DON/ADM as directed to discuss findings of the visit along with any areas for improvement with a plan of action for future visits. All product needs or suggestions will be discussed with the DON/ADM for the appropriate approval.