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     Creating a sustainable safe lifting environment (SLE) is paramount to significantly reducing or eliminating your caregiver injuries, patient injuries, and empowering your staff to safely address challenging patient handling situations.

     To maximize the capabilities of your patient lift equipment, Dynamic Medical offers a selection of preventative maintenance programs to ensure you get the most out of your investment, as well as enhancing the support to sustain the SLE initiatives within your facility.

The Dynamic Medical technical maintenance programs include:

Technical Certification Course
  • Customized 4-6 hour technical training
  • Technical training to perform basic troubleshooting and diagnostic applications
  • Hands-on application training and return demonstration instruction
  • Dynamic Medical Systems certificate of completion
  • On-site training is available

Annual Periodic Inspections

  • Promotes early problem detection and identification of each lift
  • Comprehensive inspection of all mechanical and electrical systems
  • Diagnostic analysis performed during maximal load testing
  • JCAHO and OSHA compliant
  • Complete periodic inspection evaluation checklist is provided for every lift that is inspected

Annual Preventative Maintenance Program

  • A comprehensive manual inspection which includes dismantling of each lift to perform a thorough internal inspection and diagnostic analysis
  • Each motor actuator, wheels/casters/ and moveable part is inspected, cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Complete preventative maintenance evaluation checklist is provided for every lift that is inspected
  • JCAHO and OSHA compliant

Combined Annual Periodic Inspection and Preventative Maintenance Service

  • Combines PI and PM as described above in one complete service!
  • Annual reminder sent 2 months prior to required annual service
  • Eliminates the challenge of record keeping and maintaining optimal and safe performance of each lift you own