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Are you concerned about patient falls?

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Dynamic Medical offers comprehensive suite of bariatric products to meet the needs of your bariatric patients.

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As the population’s weight increases so does your need to provide safe bariatric solutions. Dynamic Medical offers a compete suite of products and services to ensure all patients regardless of size are treated with the same dignity, comfort, respect and privacy.

Bariatric Patients have an accentuated need for assistance ambulating, transferring and repositioning themselves due to their size and common associated complications. Our comprehensive BariSafe™ product line is designed to assist with all your bariatric needs.

Are your Patients BariSafe™?

Dynamic Medical offers:

  • Bariatric Suite of products to assist with patient mobility and caregiver duties

  • 1200 lb. capacity, multi-functional beds

  • Various support surfaces for pressure relief and rotational therapy

  • Resources for clinical assistance, education and hard to find bariatric related products

BariSafe™ Bed Solutions

Is Bed Width a Problem?

Transporting a patient on a bariatric bed no longer requires moving the patient to a narrower surface. Simply fold up the foam mattress extenders, compress the telescopic sides to a bed width of 39 inches and the bed is ready to roll.

Is Bed Length a Problem?

Accommodating patients that are too tall for the standard
bed is no problem. The BariSafe™ extends to a full 90” length.