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     Dynamic Medical’s AirDyneTM family of LAL, APM and LAL /APM mattresses assist clinicians in optimizing wound and respiratory outcomes!

AirDyneTM Features:

  • Top layer of memory foam with a 4-way stretch cover that minimizes sheer and friction
  • Head-to-toe pressure relief in five-minute cycles
  • Indicated for prevention and treatment of Stage I - IV pressure ulcers
  • Six separate pressure zones for optimum support and a sloped foot end
  • Machine washable cover with antimicrobial and anti-staph protection, which inhibits bacterial growth
  • We provide state of the art pressure relieving air loss therapy support surfaces for all patient care settings as well as solutions for bariatric patients.

5'10" 170lb Male Between Alternation Cycles

The AirDyneTM LAL/APM Mattress Offers Patient Safety and Ease of Use!

  • Air cells have interior manifolds to prevent bottoming out.
  • Meets new CAL 117, CAL129, and CPSC1633 Fire Safety Standards
  • Weight capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • Options include Fowler boost, Low Pressure Alarms, and nurse Lock-out Features.
  • Not affected by power failures and not subject to deflation or lengthy set--up times.